Lit Sign Manufacturing, located in Renton, Washington, specializes in all types of channel letters. When it comes to fabrication of channel letters, noboby comes close to the productivity, quality, or reliability offered by Lit Sign Manufacturing.

We use state-of-the-art, fully automatic machining systems, such as Accu-bend, Letterlok 4000, heavy duty Tennsmith Break, and CNC for the highest quality production. Our machines can produce up to 200 channel letters per day.

With over 17 years in the sign manufacturing business, we currently provide wholesale channel letters to sign shops nationwide, as well as local customers. We offer quick turn-around times on most projects, and we ship your products at very low prices.

Contact us today at 1-888-882-4488, or e-mail us at litsign@yahoo.com


Type 1 - FRONT-LIT (STANDARD LETTERS) $129/letter (LED illumination included)

Type 1 letters are individual, formed letters with internal illumination, constructed from aluminum sheets and coils. Letters can be made in a wide variety of colors. Common letter depth is 5". An acrylic face is placed over the letter to enclose it. Letters can be lit by neon or LED.

Type 2 - REVERSE LIT (HALO LETTER) $129/letter (LED illumination included)

Type 2 letters are individual formed letters. the aluminum face is welded to the return (no light can pass through the front face). These letters are illuminated from behind the face, and have a clear polycarbonate cover. The light from inside transfers through the back and illuminates the supporting wall, creating the "halo" effect.

Type 3 - FRONT/BACK LIT (DUAL ILLUMINATION) $159/letter (LED included)

Type 3 letters are a combination of Type 1 & 2 letters as seen above. These letters are fabricated with pre-finished aluminum, front acrylic face, and clear polycarbonate backing. These letters provide both front and back illumination. the benefit of this type is that it can provide two different colors of source light.

Type 4 - OPEN FACE (EXPOSED NEON) $129/letter (Neon illumination included)

Type 4 letters are individual formed letters, similar to front-lit letters, but with an open face. In some cases, clear acrylic is used as a face cover to protect the Neon. Standard return depth for type 4 letters is 3.5", as opposed to the 5" standard for other letter types. Neon lighting is the only kind that can be used for these types of letters.